Runes Events

A runes event is made up of two phases:

  • Phase 1: You play to advance in the event for the first 10 days (Day# 0-10)
  • Phase 2: Watch advertisements or make diamond purchases to obtain event cards for the following 3 days (Day# 11-13).

This type of event is available to players with a Throne Room of level 5 or higher. Advertising reset is possible during this event (8 ads/day).
Shrum is the character who will appear in front of your castle.

Structure of the event

Here’s what you see after clicking on Shrum:

The goal of this event is to complete card collections in an attempt to obtain runes. Cards can be obtained through most activities of the game.
Please note that each type of activities in the game will give cards of a single category (Confrontation, Massacre or Fun)! Refer to the [i] icon next to each category for types of activities required to complete.


You have 7 additional quests to complete that will allow you to earn interesting rewards (Premium Account duration or Goblin Assistant in particular).
The quests are:

  • Complete a collection in the Confrontation category, complete a collection in the Massacre category or complete a collection in the Fun category
  • Complete all collections in the Confrontation category at least once, complete all collections in the Massacre category at least once or complete all collections in the Fun category at least once.
  • Complete all the collections at least once.

These quests do not reset during the event.

Event Map

The runes event comes with a path map. It is made up of three paths: one path on which you fight real players, and the other two on which you fight monsters. The three paths lead to the boss: Bad Santa. All three path must be completed to be able to fight the final boss.

The prices on the card for a fight (the number in diamonds concerns the reset of the card) :

The players you meet on the middle path are chosen based on your Max Historical Power. The table below allows you to calculate the power of the opponents you meet. The spreadsheet will update as it goes. kBBhOkJWiQXlsf-_Q/view?usp=sharing

For each battle won, you receive a Rare Player Chest. They can contain random event skins (armor and weapon) and/or cards.
Then, you gain a Legendary Daily Chest by defeating Bad Santa. It can also contain skins and / or cards.
**Note that chests opened after phase 1 of the event will not award any cards.

Chest detail :

The collections :


You can buy one of the two passes: the silver pass at € 10.99 and the golden pass at € 20.99.
Once the pass is purchased, you get the gift rewards immediately. The cards offered to the clan can be claimed by the players (5 sets of cards).
The other rewards are obtained after exchanging collections (once per collection) depending on the pass you have chosen:
With the Confrontation collections: 15 or 25 days of premium, a random weapon (Arena item), a Bridge for your castle.
With the Massacre collections: 15 or 25 Goblin Days, 1,500 or 2,500 diamonds, 15 or 25 cards.
With the Fun collections: 20 or 40 purple shards, 500 or 1000 bravery badges, 1 or 2 legendary weapon (s) or armor (s)

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Finally, you can buy card bundles with your diamonds even if you have not purchased a pass.

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The tutorial page concerning the runes and how to know how to use them:
Runes (click on the image):