Arenas are available from Throne 3.

How can you start an arena?

Several elements in the image above have been framed in different colors:

  • Red : Allows participation in trade for apples.
  • Orange : To participate in trade for a ticket.
  • Green : Champions League.
  • Light Blue : Your number of arena tickets.
  • Brown : Access to the arena store.
  • Yellow : Your number of Badge of Courage.
  • Black : Adversiting for win 150 Badges of Courage each.
  • Dark Blue : The ranking of the best player of the month.
  • Pink: To participate on the activity.

How does it work?

An arena has a duration of 10 minutes: it consists of five stages of 2 minutes each.
Once your arena is launched, you can no longer change your fighter’s equipment.

At each stage:

  • You have the option to fight an opponent : attacking an opponent above you will earn you more points, it is up to you to choose the right strategy.
  • If you do not fight or if you lose against your opponent, you do not collect any points.

Badges of Courage are never reset and it is recommended that you keep your Badges of Courgage.

Remember to observe everything before starting a fight.

Even if you have 6 million power, a 4 million can beat you, it all depends on what your opponent has as composition, as equipment, as gems, etc.

The ranking of the first stage depends on your number of trophies. In the following stages, if there is a tie in points, the ranking depends on your number of trophies, the player with the most trophies will be ranked higher.
Note that trophies do not have any other influence on arenas and in no way affect the selection of your opponents.

Fighting the 5 fights is important.

  • If you use Food, you can earn a minimum of 20 Badges of Courage.
  • If you use Tickets, you can earn a minimum of 60 Badges of Courage.
  • Even if you lose a battle, you still earn badges.

Adept’s Chest and Master’s Chest.

You have the Adept’s Chest only in TR5. This Chest is based only on your best fighter.
This chest contains:

  • Craft Items: These are items that you can find in the game in general.
  • Arena Items: These are items of equipment only available from the arena, their levels start from levels 23-24. Their effects are more interesting than Items you can craft.

Now we will explain the difference between the Masterchest of TR5 and 6 and the Masterchest from TR7 and above.
In TR5 and 6, you cannot get an artifact, but you can get Arena Items and rare Craft Items.

Then, from TR7 and above:

  • TR7: No artifact, Legendary Craft items minimum level 45, Epic and rare arena items.
  • TR8, 9 or 10: 1 legendary artifact minimum from level 60. You can also obtain epic artifacts. Legendary Items obtained are Arena Items.
  • TR11: The Master’s Chest has the same content as for TR8, 9 and 10. If your best fighter is at level 100, you can also get a Legendary Arena Soul.

Royal Tournament Chest.

The probability of getting this chest is low and requires you to finish in the Top 3 with an Arena Ticket.
You can win 1 with a few tournaments as much as no with more than 2000 tournaments.
This chest is scalable: the number of Badges of Courage increases with your TR and the equipment varies depending on the level of your best fighter. This equipment will be at least level 62.

A summary of the Arena Shop, which updates every Monday.

Winter Time: 4 A.M. GMT + 1
Daylight Saving Time: 5 A.M. GMT + 2
=> French time.
– Item Rare = Item Craft and not Arena.

For TR7, you can have Epic Artifacts at 4 500 points and Legendary Artifact at 6 000 points. 
On the table below :
– Blue = Maximum Rare
– Purple = Maximum Epic
– Orange = Maximum Legendary 

The store below under this link: Link of the shop