The Invasions

Invasions are available once you defeat Grav.
Usually the appearance of invasions depends on the time you finish them.
You have 10 hours to complete them. It usually only takes a few minutes to finish the Invasions.

Circled in yellow below, you have Invasion spots. The time remaining to finish your invasions is framed in red, this same button tells you exactly what you can get from the reward chest for completing the 10 invasion spots.
These chest content scales up based on your current throne level. It is recommended to save them until you reach Throne 11.

From Throne 9 you can earn a torch, and in Throne 11 you can earn Mithril.

Once the fight is won, you have two choices at the bottom of the screen.
The left button brings you as usual to your castle and the right button takes you directly to the next Invasion spot.

The difficulty range of invasions is mathematically determined and is between 42% and 56% of your Max Historical Power (ie. the power listed on your profile).

The cost of apples per invasion battle depends on your throne level:

  • Throne 4: 50
  • Throne 5: 600
  • Throne 6: 2,500
  • Throne 7: 5,000
  • Throne 8: 8,000
  • Throne 9: 12,000
  • Throne 10: 18,000
  • Throne 11: 27,000

If your throne level increases in the midst of an invasion, the apple cost will not update immediately. The new cost will be applied for your future invasions the next day.

After your 10 victories, you get the final reward chest:

New feature: If you complete invasion battles while assigned in the Hunter’s Neighborhood (in the Clan Territory window), you will earn Scrolls of Summoning and a % increase of resources obtained in the invasion chest. The percentage given is based the level (1-6) of the Hunter’s Neighborhood (see section for more info)