Treasure Hunt Event

A treasure hunt event is made up of two phases:

  • Phase 1: You play to advance in the event (Duration: 10 days)
  • Phase 2: Diamond purchases are available to buy additional hammers (Duration: 3 days)

This type of event is available once you reach Throne level 5. Argonius is the character who will appear in front of your castle.

The event structure :

The goal is to break objects on the game board with hammers. Objects vary with the theme of the event (in this example, the objects are aliens).
To get the chest on the right, you will have to break 30 objects, regardless of your Throne level.
To reset (refresh) the game board, you must find the special key. Same as objects, the special key varies with the theme of the event (in this example, the key is a rocket).
For each board reset, you will receive: two magnifying glasses (if you purchased the silver pass) or five magnifying glasses (if purchased the golden pass). You will not receive any magnifying glass if you did not purchase an event pass.
Magnifying glasses can only be used if the event pass has been purchased (silver or gold).

Hammers (and / or magnifying glasses if you took the pass) can be earned the following methods:

  • Portal of Souls : You must complete levels that award a chest once per weekend. After the reward is obtained, you will not earn hammers for completing the same level again.
  • (PVP) Arenas: You have a percentage chance of getting a hammer (and/or a magnifying glass) if you win a battle.
  • Gem Bay: You earn 1-6x hammer per expedition.
  • Dungeons: You earn 1x hammer for each boss beaten.
  • Invasions: You earn 2x Hammers when you complete the 10 invasion battles
  • Clan Wars: You earn 4x hammers (and / or magnifying glass) for winning your spot in Clan Wars
  • (PVP) Adventure Map: You have a percentage chance of winning a hammer (or magnifying glass) if you win the battle.
  • Resource collection/donation: You have a percentage chance of obtaining hammers (and / or magnifying glasses) if you send or collect resources through your friends.
  • Event game board: You can discover 1-2x hammer (or magnifying glasses) when breaking objects.


  • You can obtain 1x hammer per advertisement, up to a limit of 8x hammers per day. Resetting ads does not work here.
  • There are quests available whether you do not have the event pass or if you purchased the silver or golden pass. The silver and golden pass unlock additional quests (meaning more hammers to win).

The quests depend on the throne. The reset of the fact quests at 11 a.m. GMT + 2.

There is also an event path that is the same for everyone, event pass or not. Collecting objects (special key) will achieve milestones and unlock rewards.

  • 1 objects : 3 Goblins Assistant Days
  • 2 objects : 3 Premium Days
  • 4 objects : 5 Purple Shards
  • 6 objects : 2 Purple Gems (Health and Damage) 8 rockets: 1 Arena armor scaled to your Throne level.
  • 10 objects : The artifact of the event.
  • 20 and with 30 objects : Event chest.
  • 35 objects : Weather Castle skin
  • 40+ objects at every multiple of 10 objects milestone (50, 60, 70 etc): Event chest.

Event Ranking/Leaderboard:

There is a leaderboard for each Throne room level. If you upgrade your throne during the event, you will not change leaderboard
The ranking is based on the number of hammers you have used.

The event shop :

You can buy extra hammers with diamonds or purchase the event pass here.
Silver Pass: 10.99 € ($13.99 CDN) Gold Pass: 20.99 € ($21.99 CDN)
Cost per throne for hammers The rewards :

Special rewards in the field:

Regular rewards:

The event chest content when you break 30 objects.
If you break the weapons and armor in the chest, you can get it again. Be careful not the ring or the amulet and not the equipment of Tr10/11 (Spear/Shotgun/Grimoire).

Using a magnifying glass:

After having selected “See through”, position your magnifying glass and validate to see the content without using a hammer. Unfortunately, you cannot rotate the magnifying glass.
Using a magnifying glass on an object you can already see will have no effect.