Let’s talk about captchas, which are a huge problem for players.
The captcha feature has been implemented to counteract players/bots who farm non-stop.
The first captchas tests were a magic square like this:

The mechanism worked the following way. If you failed the question, you would get locked out of the game for a period of 40s and you would have to answer a new question in the next hour(s). If you fail 3 times in a row, you get locked out of the game for a period of 1-hour.
In a recent update, the captcha answering period has gone up from 40s to 1m30 so that players can respond more effectively. The test consists of clicking on the icons resembling what you are asked.
In the eyes of the game developers, this would be the way to block bot players.
If you press the red button (“x” button , top right) you are temporarily banned.
If the countdown timer reaches zero, then you will be temporarily banned.
You still have 3 attempts and if you fail you will be temporarily banned.
As soon as your temporary ban is over, you will have another similar quiz if you do the same thing again you will suffer the same punishment again.
On a series of temporary ban: 1st time: 1 hour.
2nd time: 1 day.
3rd time: 3 days.
4th time: 7 days.

We do not know the 5th time but we can hypothesize that it would be a temporary ban of 15 Days.
To achieve your captcha to perfection, you must read the answer framed in yellow and answered in yellow as the example shows in the image below.