Free to Play Diamond

The goal of this page is to provide ways to earn diamonds without spending real money. Diamonds are the premium currency in the game and who doesn’t like free stuff?

The calculations are based on the duration of a season (14 days).

1) Watch Daily ads in the Daily Quest section (Ad- related quest)

6 ads with 5 diamonds per day.
5 x 6 = 30 Diamonds / Day.
There are 14 days in a season.
Potential: 30 x 14 = 420 Diamonds / Season.

2) Ad-Watcher’s Chest found in the Store/Treasures Tab

There is a 6hour timer on the chest after watching an ad.
After watching the 5th ad, you will receive 25 diamonds.
Season-long Calculation:
4 ads per day x 14 Days = 56 ads per season. 56/5 = 11 chests and 1x ad (1/5)
Potential: 11 chests x 25 diamonds = 275 diamonds / Season.

3) Castle dweller bubbles

Clicking on a bubble of a resident will boost castle happiness and give between 0-3 diamonds.
On average, you can earn 100 diamonds/day if you play most of the day.
Potential: 100 x 14 = 1400 diamonds/season

4) Portal Store

In the Portal area, one can purchase up to a maximum of 900 diamonds not counting the portal chests content at different levels.
There are two Portal events per season.
Potential: 900 x 2 = 1,800 diamonds/season

5) Premium Account Activation

Premium account activation can be earned during events or purchased in the store for 15 or 30 days (costs real money). You can see if you account is activated and the number of days of activation remaining in the diamond Tab of the Store.
If your account is activated, you can earn 10 additional diamonds per day
Potential: 140 diamonds/season

6) Daily Quests

If you complete all the daily quests, you earn points towards the Epic Quest Chest. The rewards are based on your current throne level:
Diamond rewards range from 100 to 320.
In conclusion: this table summarizes the maximum amount of earnable diamonds based on your throne level.

7) Promotional Quests (Android only)

Android users can also earn free diamonds from quest offers by playing other games and reaching certain goals/requirements.
Go in the Store > Diamond Tab and click on “Get diamonds”
Pro Tip: Those free diamond offers are doubled typically offered once per month (usually during an event). The quest can be activated during the timed offer and completed after the offer has expired. The quest will still award the (x2) amount.
Beware that some quests can disappear over time as partner offers rotate.
No additional information will be provided in for this method since since it is not content specific to Hustle Castle but advertising partners.