Rune Halloween


The “Halloween” event started on 18 October 2019 and ended 10 days later on 28 October 2019.
Players were given an additional 3 days to exchange their diamonds for cards.

This was a rune event, available from Throne 5. It was then possible to get the three new runes for artifacts (Speed/Power/Transformation).

Shrum in front of your castle :

Here’s a preview of the event:

Map during the event :

You get a chest for every spot you win in the map below :

Below you have the chest obtained by beating the Bad Santa in the last battle of the map.
For the previous battles, the chests contained fewer resources and did not offer the possibility of obtaining the animal.
These chests vary depending on the level of the Throne Room.

Here are the contents of the chest when a collection was completed :

The runes :

  • Rune of Speed
  • Rune of Power
  • Rune of Transformation
  • Santa’s Scarecrow (Artifact) :

To get the “Guard of Pumpkins” emblem, you need to obtain the Event Artifact.

To obtain the “Keeper of Horror” emblem, all you had to do was finish in the top 100 of the ranking.

To obtain the “Master of Pimpkins” emblem, all you had to do was finish in the top 10 of the ranking.

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