Throne level is a fundamental mechanic of the game.
First of all, here are the commonly used abbreviations or definitions (they will not be used on this page):

  • T = Throne
  • TR = Throne Room
  • Prema (or premature): to have a power too low compared to the level of the Throne Room. To have leveled up too fast.
  • First and foremost, upgrading the Throne Room is most often done after asking the clan leader (it all depends on the clan).

The priority rooms that need to be upgraded immediately after upgrading the Throne Room are the Cellar (for apple storage) and Dining Hall (for apple production). Then the storage and production of other resources (no preference).
Events are available as early as Throne 4, you will be recommended to upgrade as soon as possible if you begin playing while an event is happening by using the ad reset or by spending the few diamonds needed.
If there is no Throne 4 event, you will be prompted to move on to Throne 5.

Throne 5 (T5)

Stay on Bracket 20 and take the opportunity to get familiar with the arena . You will be able to accumulate Badges of Courage (arena currency) in order to buy 3 Artifacts (with different effects) and prepare items for the next Bracket (30). Save enough badges for a minimum of 3 Master’s Chests to be opened after your first fighter reaches level 30.
You will be recommended to increase your Throne between two Rune events (usually this leaves you 2-3 Months).

The table below can be used as a recommended minimum of power and stockpile before initiating the upgrade to the next Throne level. The stockpile is the same for each throne.

Throne 6 (T6)

Remain in Bracket 30 and prepare a stockpile of level 40 items from participating in events. After you have enough equipment accumulated, you will switch to Bracket 39 and continue making equipment/team adjustments.
We do not recommend the Bracket Max (Bracket 40), stay on the Soup for better management of your throne.
You can find Legendary Rings and Amulets in the Portal (recommended), in Mythic Chests (in the Shop for Diamonds), in the Store from Clan Territory, or for a single price for Diamonds from the Traveling Merchant (donkey).
You will need to collect most runes to keep your progress smooth.
Throne 6 is also the throne during which you must upgrade your castle residents to 5 stars. For that, use the “natural” reproduction via the Living Room. Kick the low star residents and keep high start (4 or 5) until you have a complete castle population of 5-star residents. You can also use diamonds but the cost is so high that we do not recommend it.

Throne 7 (T7)

In Throne 7, the best thing to do to start is to go to Bracket 47 w/ Barracks of 4. Events will reward with lvl 53-55 items.

Subsequently, as soon as you have enough equipment lvl53-55, you go to Barracks 5, then to Bracket 54.

Throne 8 (T8)

At the start of Throne 8, you have to start completing Gem Bay expeditions, which will take a very long time. Try to save purple gems with the intent to inlay purple gems or better.
Take directly the Purple Gem offered in the Bay store and in the near future, think about purple scrolls.
First, we will talk about gem priority for each character class:

Tank: Armor / Magic Armor / Health.

Mage: Spell Power (if there are pure damage effects or even stun), Magic damage).

Archer: (Physical) Damage.

After, add the rest.
Critical Hit and Dodge are secondary values and only give a little more luck (arbitrary). It is better to max them out last, or even not to equip them because they does not provide “True” power. Gem Bay opponents are based on your Historical Power (See Gem Bay Section)
At the end, go to Bracket 69 armed with one “Poison Tank” (whose defensive characteristics you don’t gem) and have fun.

Throne 9 (T9)

Dungeons are unlocked. The dungeons are simple if you play with another Throne 9, active and well mounted from Bracket 70 to 84.
Once the runes of Throne 9 are in your pocket, switch to Bracket 77 Barracks 6 (in order to be able to use all your runes).
Then, switch to Bracket 84, this will reinvigorate farming in Gem Bay as you maximize your Throne.
Only go beyond Bracket 77/84 if your hero is maxed out, beware that Gem Bay will be a little more difficult.

Throne 10 (T10)

Throne 10 will allow you to farm and store level 100 items and event items, and thus prepare Throne 11.
For dungeons , we will advise you to play with Thrones 9 confirmed at Bracket 84 / 85.
Be careful with the hero, maxing everything out is counterproductive and increases your MHP (max historical power). You must take your battalion composition into account. For example, if you are playing with a single archer, upgrading the archer category is unnecessary.
It is best to prepare Throne 11 while staying in Bracket 84/85 and switch to Bracket 100 just before switching to Throne 11. Upgrading to Throne 11 while staying in Bracket 84/85 can also be done, so we have attached the associated table to you.

Throne 11 (T11)

Again, a little regulation is needed. Priorities must then be established in the manufacture of ancient items:

  • Tank: armor,
  • Mage: weapon,
  • Archer: weapon.
    Then you take care of the rings and amulets.
    If the bonus statistics do not match or are bad, we invite you to reforge the equipment.
    If you upgrade to Throne 11 while in Bracket 84/85, prepare the necessary antique items and move to Bracket 94/100 when you are ready. For dungeons , we will advise you to play with a rather advanced Throne 11, with a lot of power. The Master’s chests are to be opened mainly at Bracket 100.