Advertisement Reset During Events

As you have no doubt understood, it is possible to reduce the 2 hour wait between two ads during an event. Here is the process.

On an iOS device

There is only one method for resetting ads on iOS. The downside is that it takes more time to do than on Android but on the other hand, it remains an option if you miss one or two ads at the end of the day.
The steps require uninstalling and reinstalling the application.
Be careful: make sure you’ve linked your account to Facebook to make sure you don’t lose your backup data.

On Android (or on emulator)

Simply delete the data from your application by following the procedure below. Again, make sure you’ve linked your account to Facebook.

First, press and hold the “Hustle Castle” app on your home screen.
As soon as the 4 choices offered (as below) appear, press the “information” icon on the application (framed in yellow).

Next, tap on “Storage” (outlined in red below).

Then, tap “Clear data” at the bottom of your screen (outlined in red below).
If done correctly, Data and Cache should both be at 0MB.

Finally, you can open your game. You no longer have to wait 2 hours before the next advertisement: you can immediately watch your advertisement!

There is a maximum of 8 ads per day (and per account). From the moment you have viewed all 8 advertisements, the counter will display the time remaining until the daily advertisement reset (as in the image below).
The new advertisements are available every day at:

  • Standard Time: 1h GMT+1,
  • Daylight Saving Time (Summer): 2h GMT+2.

The ad reset works on Runes, Paths, and Roulette events.