Roulette April Fool


The event of “April Fool” began in 1st April 2019. It lasted 10 Days and ended on 11 April 2019.
It was a roulette.

Grav in front of the Castle :

A preview of the event below :

Event Content :

  • Castle decorations (Flag, Bridge, Windows, etc…)
  • Resources, whose type and quantity varied according to the throne (Iron from throne 9 for example)
  • Event outfits.
  • Resource outfits adapted to the level of the throne.
  • Gems/Particles (Grey to Violet) from throne 8 onwards.
  • Event artifact adapted to the level of the throne.
  • Event Spells.
  • To turn the wheel required (all thrones combined) 100 event points or 69 Diamonds.

Spells to obtain from this event :

Sumptuous Feast
Poisoned Orb

Here is a list of items for the event :

  • Dagger / Sharp Joke Dagger :
  • Unpleasant Surprise (Artifact) :

In order to obtain the “Merry Bella” emblem, all you had to do was obtain the event artifact.

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