Fighter equipment basics

Fighter Stats:

  • Damage: Average damage per second (damage by Tank or Archer weapons).
  • Magic Damage: Average damage per second (damage by Mage weapons).
  • Spell Power: Influences the power of the abilities of the mage weapon (Does not benefit the Tank or Archer class).
  • Armor: Reduces Physical Damage taken .
  • Magic Armor: Reduces Magic Damage taken . Health: The health of the fighter.
  • Dodge: Ability to dodge an attack and take no damage.
  • Critical: Possibility of double damage on the target.

Fighter Classes:

  • Tank: The Tank is on the front line in battle. The role of the tank is to absorb damage and keep the rest of your team alive.
    Recommended gear stats are defensive aspects like armor, magic armor, and health.
    If you are Throne 8 or +, it is recommended that you inlay & maximize your Armor, Magic Armor, and Health gems of the highest quality.
    Note: Tank weapons do not deal magic damage, Magic Damage stat do not provide a bonus. The tank class does not benefit from the Spell Power stat.
    Using a Magic Damager or Spell power gems on this fighter will only increase overall power for no reason.
  • Mage: The Mage is second in line during battle. The mage uses team-friendly spells such as healing and resurrection, or offensive spells such as stun, curse and damage. The Mage class is considered a Support role that will boostyour team defenses/health or that will cripple the opposing team’s defenses. The mage is considered a pillar in a team.
    Recommended gear stats for Mages are Spell Power and Magic Damage.
    Note: the mage weapons do not deal physical damage. Avoid inlaying damage gems onto mage equipment or accessories.

(for more details, click on the ”+“):

DPS Mage: Inflicts Magic damage or Magic damage-over-time with weapon by a Base Amount + Spell power bonus.

Heal Mage: Heals HP directly or Heal-over-time to team member by a Base Amount + Spell power bonus.

Rez Mage (Resurrection): Resurrects team member with a base amount of HP + Spell Power bonus.

Stun Mage: Weapon will curse (reduce Offensive damage or Armor) or stun opposing team for a period of Time (Base Amount + Spell Power Bonus)

  • Archer: The archer is fighting from the back of the pack during battle: The archer is meant to deal the greatest amount of damage (highest DPS). He has low health and low armor, and he can die very quickly.Recommended gear stats for Archers are Damage (base stat and/or Gem slots). Armor and Health are secondary stats.
    If you are Throne 8 or higher. We prefer the use of the Crossbow weapon and a teleport artifact (with “occasional” activation).
    Note: Spell power and Magic Damage gem slots do not benefit the Archer class.

Mixed subclasses:

  • Tank Assassin: A tank assassin hits will deal more damage than an archer, but he will be killed quicker.
    To improve the build of an Assassin, it is recommended to maximize the health and damage stats, and also to equip an artifact that teleports with the following activation: “when an enemy dies”.
    Avoid spell power and magic damage gems on this fighter as he uses physical damage weapons.
  • Rez Tank: The Rez tank is a fighter that is part of a very defensive team composition.
    The Rez tank equips a tank armor and a resurrection weapon. This creates a tradeoff of less spell power for more health and armor.
    The purpose of the Rez Tank is still to resurrect fighters, and ideally if he dies he can self- resurrect with a small amount of HP which can offer a chance of resurrect a random fighter. The key stat for this subclass from other accessories is Spell Power to compensate for the fact that there is no mage armor equipped.

Health, armor and magic armor are important the make the fighter as durable as possible.
Do not prioritize Magic Damage because the subclass is not made to attack but to serve its team as a resurrection support.

  • Insta-kill: The Insta-kill is a Mage weapon that instantly kills the target when their health reaches a certain %. Spell power does not improve the stats on the weapon; hence it is preferable to equip Tank armor to maximize the durability of the fighter.
    Prioritize the following stats or gems slots: Magic Damage, Health, Armor and Magic armor.