The poison tank

For starters, this Mage armor can be obtained in the arena as a stand-alone purchase or by opening a Master’s chest (low drop ratio).

Tank Poison:

The Poison tank requires the use of a tank weapon and poison mage armor. We prefer daggers for quick hits.
We also recommend the armor to have the Rune of Magic encrusted.

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Maximum Historical Power:

An important aspect to consider is the Max Historical Power for your Clan Wars, your Gem Bays and on the other hand developing your character efficiently.
To start with, defensive gems (Armor, Magic Armor, Health) should not be inlayed on the fighter’s equipment because the intent is for your poison tank to die first and early.
In addition, dodge should not be used on this kind of fighter. We recommend equipping an epic ring that does not have any dodge stats.
If you want to place an amulet rune (revenge rune) on the poison tank, take an ordinary amulet with spell power with the lowest level on it so as not to increase your max historical power and fighter too much.

Rune of Revenge

Combat strategy:

The goal is for your tank to die as quickly as possible.
If you encounter an opponent using a poison tank, it is the opponent’s objective to be killed as quickly as possible.
If your poison mage dies first, you will silence the opposing team for 3.5s. But if you kill the opposing poison tank first, you risk of being silenced
What for 3.5s, a big disadvantage.
In the latter, the opponent can build synergy with equipment and artifacts activation.
Other mages on your team should not be equipped with a weapon that resurrects. Resurrection spells/effects should be through artifacts or amulets.

Team Composition:

The key elements are as follows if you are playing a poison tank:

  • A pair of daggers for the poison mage with an artifact triggered by “being killed” unless he/she can (self) resurrect, then you can equip an artifact with an “Once in a While” activation.
  • A mage weapon allowing you to send chain lightning damage or instantly kill your opponent. – An artifact-counter artifact and quick way to beat your opponents (Ice Crown Dino, Phoenix Egg…).
  • Complete the team with as many archers as possible.
  • The hero constellations will not be the same if you are trying to keep your Max Historical Power as low as possible, see picture below. If you plan to play Tanks, do not increase the health talent (s) but the Champion Belt relic only for wars if you are not playing the composition.
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