An Artifact is an item allowing you to perform specific effects.

Showing you where the artifact fits on your fighter :

This is what an artifact looks like below.


  • In Purple, this is the name of the artifact, it has nothing to do with the “Unique” function.
  • In Orange, it is the “Unique” function, every other artifact if the two artifacts have the same name in Yellow. For example, if you have the same name twice and you have it on your squad, that means only one of the two artifacts will activate.
  • In Red is the activation of the artifact, the “Occasionally” condition on the first time is 4.5 seconds. When the condition “Occasionally, when …” there must be a minimum of 4.5 seconds and the second condition fulfilled otherwise it will not activate.
  • In Green, the “Cooldown” time. This is the waiting time between two activations.
  • From TR5:

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  • From TR8:

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To equip the artifact, you have to respect the levels of the fighters.
As you can see in this picture :