Gems are available when your throne room reaches Throne 8.
To do this, build the Gem Workshop.

When you enter this room, you have the choice to Inlay, Upgrade, or Recycle.

Inlay Tab

In this tab, you can Inlay (in exchange for gold) or Extract a gem (in exchange for diamonds).
To Inlay a gem, you must first select the equipment.

Then, you must select a gem of the category of the same slot type: only a Damage gem can go in a Damage slot, for example.
The amount of gold required to inlay a gem varies with the rarity of the gem selected (gray/green/blue/purple/orange).

The two buttons framed in yellow in the image above are shortcuts for inlaying / extracting all gems on the equipment.


In the “Upgrade” tab, you can either upgrade a gem or merge two identical gems (only if both
are at maximum level).
Also here you have two shortcut buttons. The first is to add the right amount of Dust to improve the gem to its max level. The second is to remove all Dust.

Then, after using the “Quick Add button”, the added particles and the gold cost are displayed below the gem. Dust and Gold will not be consumed until you select the “Enhance” button.

You can also decide to Merge gems. Merging will combine 2 lesser gems to create 1 gem of a higher quality (2 blue gems will merge into a purple gem, and 2 purple gems will merge into an orange gem, and so forth). The following prerequisites must be met in order to initiate gem merging:
1- The gems must be identical (of the same quality (color) and of the same type),
2- Both gems must be at maximum level.
The higher the rarity of the gem; the lower the chances are for a successful merge. To overcome this, you can use a scroll of success that will be consumed during the merging.

If the merging fails, your gems lose levels. You will therefore have to improve your two gems again, spend more gold for a new fusion and, if necessary, use another scroll.


In the Recycling tab, you can recycle your shards, gems or your scrolls into dust. The quality of the dust will be of the same quality of the item recycled.

Priorities in improving gems

With the intent of maintain control of your historical power, an order of priority must be respected in the improvement of gems:

  • Tank:
    • classic: Armor, Magic Armor, Health,
    • Poison Tank: Damage, no Armor, Magic Armor and Health gems,
    • Assassin (DPS) Tank: Armor, Magic Armor, Health, Damage.
  • Mage:
    • Healer or Ressurection (Rez): Power Spell,
    • Damage or Stun: Magic Damage, Power Spell.
  • Archer: Damage.

Here is a table showing the costs of the different actions according to the rarity of the gem:
The cost of two legendary gems in throne 8 is 4 million gold and 434 Diamonds.

Finally, here is a table with the buff of the different gems according to their rarity and type: