Pirate League

The Pirate League is unlockable from Throne 8.
To access the Pirate League, you must have access to the Gem Bay.

Then the reward system is the same as during the Royal event.
There are 30 levels to reach with a line above for players who do not pay, and a line below for players who buy a golden pass.

  • The first pass gives access to the line below.
  • The second pass gives access to the line below and offers you 10 more levels. It is therefore useless if you are already beyond level 21.

Thereafter, the rewards are the same for each level of the throne.
To recover the compasses, you must win your battle by going to the gems. You get one per fight.

You can try to win :

  • Spells.
  • Scrolls merging.
  • Legendary and Epic gems.
  • A Season skin.
  • Gem Bay Chests.

Finally, the exclusive Pirate League skins, the seasons are in order :

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