Titan : Holiday Terror


The Holiday Terror Roulette event is available from Throne 7, and requires epic summoning stones to attempt to obtain Minotaur!

Holiday Terror

Basic Ability

Once in a while, Holiday Terror throws gifts to all titans on the battlefield. Instead of a gift, Holiday Terror can also throw a coal:
If an allied titan receives a gift, all its parameters increase by {} for {} seconds.
If an allied titan receives a charcoal instead of a gift, fireballs shoot out from the charcoal towards all enemies. The fireballs deals {} damage equal to of the attack of the titan who received the coal.
If an enemy titan receives a gift, it is stunned for {} seconds.
If an enemy titan receives a coal, it suffers damage equal to {} of its attack.

Passive Ability

As long as Holiday Terror is alive, he increases the parameters of all allied titans by {} of his own.


When using its main ability, Holiday Horror increases its parameters according to the gifts it receives:
For each gift offered, Holiday Horror’s physical and magic health and armor increase by {} of those parameters in titans receiving the gifts.
For each charcoal donated, Holiday Terror damage increases by {} of the damage of titans receiving the charcoal.


Archers’ shots deals additional damage depending on the distance to the target. The greater the distance, the greater the damage (maximum {}, minimum {}).

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