Toss a tip and some diamonds to your witch, er, HC players!


Hello all, We’ve come up with a fun contest for everyone to join in, share your experience and win some diamonds! Here is the theme: How to win at the game of Hustle Castle and make friends and pwn opponents. What you need to do:

1) List your tip # (if you’re the first, you’re “Tip #1:” and so on.
2) Give a tip to do better at the game. Props if it’s something you’ve learnt through playing/experimentation.
3) List as many tips as you want. One tip per entry.
4) The judges decision is final. Tips will be scored for originality, usefulness. If the same or similar tip is posted by different contestants, the tip posted earlier is valid, the later tip will be taken out of qualification.


10 prizes of 250 diamonds each

Contest period: From NOW till Nov 5, midnight US Eastern time Any questions? Else, have fun!

10 thoughts on “Toss a tip and some diamonds to your witch, er, HC players!

  1. Speed equipping production dwellers in Castle.

    During events lots of kit goes into the players warehouse where it is often scrapped.

    Speep equipping as I have come to call it is the process of going from one dweller to the next in a production room and checkingvthey are fitted with the best equipment you have.

    1. Go to room eg Dining Hall
    2. Pick a dweller an tap on them
    3. In the dweller details tap on the knife and fork icon (for cook).
    4. A new pop up appears if the dweller has the best kit the ‘equip’ button will be grey. If you have better kit it will be green.
    5. Press the equip button if green dweller will now be at maximum productivity.
    6. Move on to next dweller in room and repeat.

    Repeat the process for all production rooms

    Dining hall, Treasury, Mana Well, lumber mill etc.

  2. You should not rush to upgrade your castle, as this will lead to losses in the arena. # 2 You should go to the next throne room when you have no problems in the arena. # 3 If you plan to move to the next throne room, then you better wait for the event on the runes. If you play actively, you can take all the runes to the throne room to which you want to go. # 4 Choose active clans, they will be able to help you with the castle.

  3. #4

    Don’t let the game burn you out. This is a marathon of a game and definitely not a sprint. You will lose in arena, hell sometimes get a bracket where you get 0 wins. However keep on without getting demoralized, and focus on getting sustainable production & saving up huge amounts of chests (as most of them progress with your throne room and fighter levels) before you throne up.

  4. Tip #1 How to get 5 star dwellers: Chances of 5 star dwellers aren’t as random as people think. The star rating is based on all dwellers combined star count. For example if all your dwellers are all 4 stars the chances of getting a 5 star is extremelly high. So it’s best bannishing all 1 and 2 stars at the earliest opportunity to increase chances of higher rating. If you have 2×3 stars then don’t expect a 4 star anytime soon if all other dwellers are lower star. In theory if you have only 2 dwellers and keep kicking the 1 and 2 stars your chances of getting a 3 star could be considerably higher but I have not tested this. On the other hand the castle population could be taken into account and all the empty spaces in castle could account for 0 or 1 star. In this case your chances of getting 5 star would be increased considerably by not building or upgrading living room until all dwellers are at least 3 star which would be far quicker with a smaller population.

  5. Tip #2 Best way to deal with PUMBA (Gear Dependant). This may not be relevant for the highest thrones. A single archer is almost always the last fighter on the battle field and lots of people use dragons eye with transformation rune. If you have ufo amulet you are wasting an artifact. Put the ufo amulet on a tank, or fighter that dies early with the dragons eye/rune. This fighter will be reserected at every 20 second interval on the battle timeline activating the dragons eye everytime, then you have a spare artifact slot to be used on the last fighter to die. This was much more effective as the reserected fighter also activated an artifact but the feature has been removed

  6. Tip #3 Portal levels 60 and 79. These levels are notoriously difficult when everyone reaches them for the first time. People can get stuck on these levels for months. There is no single method to complete level 60 and it’s largely about timing, this can outwith your control with regards to artifact activation. Search on youtube for this level for ideas based on your gear. Do not take a single persons word as gospel like use a particular spell as all spells can be effective to complete (except heal).

    Level 79 is much simpler. Lots of people use 100 or more res spells until timer ends and boss just keeps regenerating as much health as the damage done. Just use 3 tanks and 1 archer (preferably every item damage focused rather than heal, a 800k tr6 with runes can complete this in 20 seconds. Even if you have to change items around it’s worth it for the amount of apples you get in return. The Samuri artifact will also be a massive help completing this as it deals physical damage.

  7. focus on health, physical armor, spellpower gems as soon as gembay opens. start as early as possible grinding gembay. stop fantasizing about winning in arena and focus on fighter development.

  8. Thank you for your entries.
    Based on quality of submissions the winners of 250 diamonds each are:
    1) Colin Pugh
    2) Morfi
    3) Woargh
    4) Lauren
    5) Mervin Joseph Matundan

    Thank you for participating and do take part in future contests!

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