Update Hustle Castle 1.44.0



  • After the last maintenance, the power in the player’s profile is updated after participating in the expedition in the same way as it is updated after participating in other activities.
  • A rune event, Shrum will be in front of your castle gates soon.
  • Ancient Set bonuses rebalanced (after the information on runes).
  • Talents and alliances are improved.
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The runes will be for armor (they depend on the type of weapon):

Rune of the Unshakable (Tank)

  • Axe :

When the weapon’s basic ability is triggered, all enemies hit lose {} Physical Armor and fear is imposed on them for {} s.

  • Daggers :

Once in a while, when equipment or artifact abilities are triggered, the fighter heals {} of health.

  • Mace :

Once in a while, the stun effect of mace is replaced by the freeze effect. The enemy fighter cannot move or attack for {} s. Also on {} p. Increases the cooldown on opponents’ equipment and artifact abilities.

  • Spear :

When the weapon’s basic ability is triggered, it has a chance {} to deal damage equal to {} of the target’s maximum health every second for {} seconds.

  • Sword :

Each time a fighter’s target attacks, it has a {} to hit the nearest ally, if there are no allies, the enemy hits itself. When the target is changed, the effect continues to work for {} seconds.

Caution Rune (Mage)

  • Book :

When a unit is stunned, all incoming damage is reduced by {}.

  • Scepter :

Stuns a random enemy unit each time, all incoming damage is increased by {}, and outgoing damage is decreased by {}. Duration {} sec.

  • Orb :

Once in a while, the fighter imposes a poison on the enemy. The enemy takes {} damage for {} seconds, and its attack speed and damage are reduced by {} every second. The poison works for {} seconds.

  • Wand :

The fighter’s attacks ignore the enemy warrior’s armor and deal additional damage, which also ignores the enemy’s armor to the tune of {} of the target’s maximum health. The priority target of the attack is the warrior.

Agility Rune (Archer)

  • Bow :

Occasionally, the fighter will fire electric arrows at {} random enemies. Whenever enemies hit use abilities, they will be stunned for {} s. Duration {} sec.

  • Crossbow :

Each unit shot increases the target’s weapon ability cooldown by {}. If the shot is critical, add an additional {} s.

  • Shotgun :

The turret attacks two targets at once instead of one.

Ancient set (supposition) :

  • Paladin :

The paladin’s 4/6 bonus no longer protects the paladin from the stun effect.
Allies are immune to stun effects for 1.5 seconds, instead of 2.5 seconds.
The paladin heals himself or his allies when their health drops below 15%, instead of 25%.

  • Annihilator :

Fragment damage is increased from 40,000 to 80,000 damage.
Annihilator’s crushing blow damage is increased from 125% to 200% of maximum health.
The limitation of the crushing blow to one use in combat has been removed.

  • Bastion :

Bastion no longer freezes when using its ability.

  • Shadow :

The damage of the second hit after movement has been increased from 70,000 to 170,000 damage over 3.5 seconds.
Now, after moving for 5 seconds after each hit, Shadow heals for 80% of the damage dealt.
Now, after moving, Shadow is invulnerable for 1 second.

  • Legionnaire :

Legionnaire now blocks damage if it is greater than 45,000, instead of 30,000.
When fired, Legionnaire stuns enemies for a shorter amount of time.
Change to how shields work, now shields do not stack on top of each other.

  • Storm :

Mind damage reduction reduced from 50% to 25%.
Lightning damage increased from 100,000 to 120,000
Damage reduction and duration of effects in mind form removed.

  • Executionner of the light (EOL) :

Increased cooldown time on main abilities.
Reduced enemy blind time.

  • Priest :

Priest now heals an ally with the lowest hit points for 10,000 hit points with each attack.

  • Incinerator :

Incinerator now deals 200,000 points of damage split between all enemy units.

  • Darkula :

Distributed damage reduced from 420% to 320%
Darkula now has a 5% chance to restore 75% of his health, instead of 100%.

  • Octohands :

The ghostly hand now deals pure damage to the enemy.
Correction to the ghost’s work. It is no longer considered a henchman.


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