SOON in the Game


Sources of our spoilers :

  • Mathemath TV – CEO Hustlepedia ( Skins )
  • Joe Castle – Game of Clan
  • Jealoppo – Drink Nesquik ( Donkey / Dragon )
  • Game representative

The content is only a guess and is not officially announced by Hustle Castle.
All the information given will not be published in the next update but in the future.
It will be updated frequently, I invite you to bookmark the link and check it every day.

Joe Castle Youtube Channel :

Hustlepedia Facebook Group :

Hustlepedia Discord Group :

VK :

Soutenez Hustlepedia :

When we mention approximately it is an approximate date through the event loop.
We prefer to clarify to the whole community, thank you for not distorting the words that were held thank you.

Update 1.81.0 ( Guess )

  • New alliances will be added.
  • A new rarity will be added for talents, discover the ancient talents.
  • The fighter will now be able to unlock several talents.

List of updates that will be scheduled to be released soon :

Ancient Set :

Event Titan :

Event Donkey :

Event Rune :

Event Challenge

Event Quest

1 thought on “SOON in the Game

  1. Hi Matheo
    nice concept but what about update section in set workshop?
    also, can we add all 3 kinds of Ascension to one item, or we have to choose one of 3 kinds of Ascension?

    ty for your time

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