Clan Wars

To participate in Clan Wars, a clan must have a minimum of 20 members for a period of at least 24 hours. Players must wait 24 hours after joining a clan to be eligible in the war and have reached Throne level 4 and have the Clan Room built.
If you joined the clan during the Clan War period, the 24 hour delay will end during a Clan War the following day, you will have to wait until the next war to be able to place yourself on a waypoint.
A Clan War has a total duration of 6 hours: 4 hours during which you can start the Clan War and a 2- hour preparatory stage during which you can place your team (aka. Squad). Afterward, the battles are simulated one waypoint at a time and results are tabulated. This generally last about fifteen minutes. The next clan war can be initiated as soon as the fighting is over.
The participation phase of a Clan War is initiated from the Clan Room. To access the Clan War Map during setup, click “Go to Map” from the Clan Room or the button circled in yellow below from your castle (during the preparatory phase).
You then arrive on the clan war map. There are several templates and some waypoints may have specific conditions such as, Throne level limit, amount of fighters to deploy, healing or resurrection ban.

The waypoint conditions are listed at the bottom after clicking on a waypoint Here is an example of a map layout:

Deploy your Squad in Clan Wars

After having selected a waypoint, also called a “spot”, you just have to click on “Deploy squad” button and select the fighters you would like to send to war. To deploy a squad, you need the following amount of apples:

Throne 4 : 3,250
Throne 5 : 12,500
Throne 6 : 35,000
Throne 7 : 75,000
Throne 8 : 120,000
Throne 9 : 165,000
Throne 10 : 210,000
Throne 11 : 260,000

If you’ve selected a wrong waypoint and need to deploy elsewhere, you will not require additional apples (no refund penalties).

You can add any fighters from your castle in clan wars, the barracks have nothing to do with deployments. It is possible to place as many fighters as the stage allows. The maximum number of fighters that a spot can accommodate is 8 and therefore it is recommended that all clan members create at least 8 fighters.

On the picture below:

In green, the squad openings to deploy.
In red, the amount of glory that will be obtained (and distributed among the players placed) if the waypoint is won by the clan.
In pink, you have the conditions of the waypoint. They apply to all clans.
In yellow, the number of squad slots available.
In orange, clan leaders and officers can enter a short message for clan members that will display in the top left.

Editor mode (clan leaders and officers only)

Clan leaders and officers can access the map editor mode. This allows them to :

  • Write messages at each spots
  • Move and rearrange the squad order

After entering editor mode and clicking on a waypoint, they are several features.
The button framed in red below automatically organizes the battalions in ascending or descending order of power. The button circled in red gives access to two other buttons: “Move” and “Withdraw from Waypoint”.

By clicking on “Move”, officers can reorganize the squads on that stage by changing the order in which they appear in battle.
Clicking on “Withdraw from Waypoint” removes the squad from the stage and temporarily sets it aside for you. You can then select a different waypoint and relocate the squad elsewhere.
Be careful with the number of fighters: you cannot move a player to a waypoint that allows fewer fighters.

If you have an unassigned squad while trying to exit editor mode, the game will ask for confirmation: squads left unassigned in editor mode will be removed from Clan War.
The player(s) will have to place their squad again.

The battles

As soon as the 2-hour preparation stage timer expires, it is no longer possible to make modifications. The battles start and take place automatically.

There may be waypoints where only one clan has deployed players. We then say that the spot is “free” and that spot is automatically won by default by that clan.
The battles take place between the different deployed clans. Each battle can be viewed in real time or as a replay after the war is completed. If a fight cannot be viewed, it is a bug. We invite you to report it to the support team who will send you a box of apples (not upgradeable) in compensation.
The green button on the image below allows you to lookup the players of the opposing clans and the different fighters deployed on the waypoint.

During combat, when a squad defeats the enemy squad, it proceeds to the next squad with their remaining health (HP) and receives a fatigue penalty. The fatigue penalty starts at -10% and increases to -15%, -20% and -50% after each consecutive win.
If the fight lasts too long, then it can have a maximum bonus for both teams at +600%.

In the event of a tie

There are two scenarios: when a clan is waiting for a fight and when all the clans have already fought. When a tie occurs while a clan is waiting for a fight, the clan waiting for a fight wins the stage. When there is no clan left waiting for a fight (like in the picture below) there is no winner. Glory and waypoint points will not be awarded to any clan.

Clan War Result

If you finish on the podium in Clan Wars, you get:

  • In Top 1: a bonus of 28,000 Glory Points and 50 Clan Points
  • In Top 2: a bonus of 20,000 Glory Points and 30 Clan Points
  • In Top 3: a bonus of 12,000 Glory Points and 10 Clan Points

The glory points bonus is shared among all Clan Members who participated in the Clan War, regardless of whether they won their stage or not.
You earn 50 Clan Points for starting the Clan War, 5 points per waypoint occupied or 20 (5 + 15) points per waypoint victory.

If you’ve won your waypoint, you’ll earn Clan Tokens and a Clan War Chest :

  • Throne 4 : 75 tokens
  • Throne 5 : 95 tokens
  • Throne 6 : 175 tokens
  • Throne 7 : 250 tokens
  • Throne 8 : 350 tokens
  • Throne 9 : 2,300 tokens
  • Throne 10 : 2,900 tokens
  • Throne 11 : 3,500 tokens

The Clan Ranking Leaderboard

The Leaderboard counts points earned during the last 120 Clan War Periods (60 days), whether your clan participated in them or not.


Clan Wars matchmaking remains relatively unknown, with very little information in the game and support.
From what we know, it is largely based on the Historical Power of the entire clan (sum of the historical power of all players, shown in the clan rank). It seems that the clans you meet have the same historical power as yours, more or less 15%.
For lack of clans found, it can happen that the 15% difference is exceeded. It may also be that the Clan War simply cannot be started.