The Portal

The portal is available from Throne 4. It opens every Friday morning. 

  • Winter time: 10 A.M. (GMT+1)
  • Daylight saving time: 11 A.M. (GMT+2)

To enter the portal, you have to click on:

In general, there are 2 till 4 days to obtain the souls.

On the picture below.

  • In red: The number of souls in the soul portal.
  • In green: The different levels.
  • In orange: The portal shop.
  • In blue: The number of souls.
  • In brown: The 5 advertisements available daily in the Portal.
  • In purple: The leaderboard.

Please note: once there are no more souls in the portal, you can’t fight anymore. In addition, you will have to spend all souls gained before the time limit (2 days) expires. Any unspent souls will be lost when the portal is closed.

The last portal update added “Dark Souls”.
They are obtained from TR 11, Level 81.
From this level, you have an additional difficulty added, such as the prohibition of resurrection, healing, or enemies that gain power, defense, etc.

The store

Epic Items and Legendary Items change type each session (weapon / armor / ring / amulet).
Note that the Portal is the only way available in TR6 to obtain legendary rings and amulets.

Framed in red in the image below, you have Soul Catcher x2 and x3.
Their prices vary depending on the TR:

  • The x3 is profitable only if you spend time there, in order to recover a maximum of rewards, and does not allow (or only little) profits.
  • The x2 allows you to make profits in terms of diamonds, so it is recommended.

Doubled or tripled souls are not taken into account in the ranking. Taking x2 and x3 doesn’t give x6, only x3.

Below framed in yellow, you can see the spells. They are exclusive to the portal and therefore cannot be used elsewhere in the game. You can obtain them for free by completing levels of the portal, up to a limit of 10 spells. You can always play with the classic spells in addition, the two types of spells work independently.

Then, after the shards (gray/green/blue/purple), you find diamonds (framed in blue below). There are a total of 900 Diamonds available in the store per portal. This is a big boost for diamond storage.
Be careful to read the “Remaining” number.

You also have two types of chests available for purchase (outlined in orange below). The items they contain make them uninteresting. If you need equipment or shards, buy them individually instead.

Finally, you can buy inhabitants in the Portal. You can randomly get inhabitants (male or female) whose potential is between 3 and 5 stars. In fact, there is no point in taking it. Instead, focus on gear and diamonds, you can get dwellers from the portal chests.

Below is the portal store based on the TR. If you change TRduring the portal period, the store prices will change in the next session. Ads, on the other hand, will be adapted to your throne immediately.

Adapt your hero’s relics to the Portal

To pass a Portal level, take two Heal Mages, a Tank (two in Barracks 6) and an Archer (two in Barracks 5 and 6). The “resurrection” spells will be used to fill the lack of resurrected Mage.

Below are the relics that will be recommended to you for the Portal.
If you want to use the relic that increases souls won in the portal (Portal Banner), you can easily replace the “Ace of the sleeve” relic (circled in red).

Portal levels with their earnings