Oktoberfest Event


The event “Oktoberfest” started in September 2018.
The event lasts 12 Days, the type of the event is a roulette.
From 19 September 2018 to 1 October 2018.

Grav in front of your castle :

A preview of the event below :

Content of the event:

  • Castle backgrounds (Flag, Bridge, Windows, etc…).
  • Resources according to the throne (Apples, Gold, etc…) (Iron from throne 9 for example).
  • Event holdings.
  • Resource holdings by throne level.
  • Gems/Dust (Grey to Purple) from throne 8 onwards.
  • Event artifacts by throne level.
  • Event Spells

To turn the wheel, the currency (all thrones combined) :

  • 100 Event Spells
  • 69 Diamonds

The armor of the event is that of a magician.
As for the Weapon, it is a Sceptre/Orb/Wand.

Spells to obtain from this event:

  • Mind Control
  • Sumptuous Feast
  • Chain Lightning (Artifact) :

To get the “Pretzel Eater” emblem, you need to obtain the Event Artifact.

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